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A system agnostic magic item deck for TTRPGs


For hundreds of years, tales of powerful magical items have been hidden between aged pages of parchment, their legendary abilities secret to all but the few who could translate them.


That is, until now. 


Inspired by the colorful pages of manuscripts and created by award-winning medievalists, game designers, and artists, this deck brings the magic and mystery of the medieval world to your table. These are not your typical fantasy magic items - they are based on real medieval stories and folklore, giving your game a rich and immersive feel.


This deck features 50 authentic, hand-illustrated magic items and a Game Master’s Guide to match. From enchanted amulets and relics to powerful weapons gifted by the heroes of yore, this deck is filled with a diverse range of magical items to inspire and enhance your TTRPG adventures.


Our independent team of medievalists, game developers, and artists have ensured each magical item stays true to its medieval roots while also adapting it to system-agnostic TTRPG play, so you can bring these items with you into any campaign setting.


Join us in bringing the magic of the medieval world to your TTRPG sessions. Back our project today and add the Marginal Worlds Magic Item Deck to your game collection!

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Our deck consists of 50 unique magic item cards drawn in an illuminated manuscript style. These cards are intuitive to use, with detailed art on the front of each card and the item’s description and use on the back. 


You’ll find small icons on the front of each card which correspond to quick-play guides in our GM’s Guide. These icons indicate to players whether an item is cursed, sentient, high-level, and even whether it has additional D&D 5e stats!


Each card is directly inspired by a medieval manuscript or a medieval artifact from history, which is listed on the card itself.  You can read more about our sources in the glossary of our GM’s guide.


In addition to the deck itself, we will include either a PDF or printed copy of the Game Master’s Guide  guide with EVERY deck. Formatted as an adventurer’s journal, the GM’s guide provides diegetic notes on each item with additional lore and gameplay ideas, as well as hidden information that will not spoil item surprises for players. 


The Guide also includes several appendices for optional play and D&D 5e stats, for those who prefer an easy way to play in an established system. The guide also has an index, glossary, and bibliography of our sources.


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