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A system agnostic magic item deck for TTRPGs

Marginal Worlds Kickstarter: Welcome


Welcome to the world of medieval magic!

Introducing the Medieval Magic Item Card Deck - a collection of unique and powerful magical items for your tabletop roleplaying game!

Inspired by the colorful pages of manuscripts and created by professional medievalists and game designers, this deck brings the magic and mystery of the medieval world to your tabletop gaming experience. These are not your typical fantasy magic items - they are based on real medieval stories and folklore, giving your game a rich and immersive feel.

This deck features 50 beautifully illustrated cards with unique and powerful magic items to enhance your game. Each card features an authentic, hand-illustrated magic item straight from the pages of history. From enchanted amulets and relics to powerful weapons gifted by the heroes of yore, this deck is filled with a diverse range of magical items to inspire and enhance your TTRPG adventures.

As the first TTRPG project from the Maniculum, a podcast dedicated to bringing medieval tales to TTRPGs, you can trust that this deck has been carefully crafted with the knowledge and expertise of medievalists and game designers alike. Our team has scoured medieval texts and marginalia to bring you authentic and imaginative magic items straight from the pages of history.

Join us in bringing the magic of the medieval world to your TTRPG sessions. Back our project today and add the Marginal Worlds Magic Item Deck to your game collection!

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By backing our project, you'll be supporting a small team of artists and writers who are passionate about creating the best possible gaming experience. Plus, you'll get your hands on an exclusive deck of cards that you won't find anywhere else.

The creators of this project are medievalists and video game designers who have combined their expertise to create Marginal Worlds. With their combined knowledge of medieval history and video game design, they have created a deck of magic items that will truly enhance your TTRPG experience.

You'll not only be supporting a team of dedicated creators, but you'll also be supporting the preservation and promotion of medieval culture. The team has carefully researched and curated each magic item to ensure historical accuracy and authenticity.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to add Marginal Worlds to your TTRPG collection. Back our project now and take your game to the next level.


As fans of TTRPGs, we at the Maniculum team have always been drawn to the excitement and creativity of magical items. But we noticed a lack of diversity and detail in many existing decks, and we wanted to create something new and unique. 

However, this is the first Kickstarter we have attempted, so there are some risks involved. We may encounter unexpected challenges in production and fulfillment, and there's always a chance that the final product may not meet your expectations. But we are committed to delivering a high-quality deck and will do our best to overcome any obstacles. 

Support us in bringing Marginal Worlds to life and enriching your TTRPG experience. Thank you for considering our project!

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Marginal Worlds Kickstarter: Services

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