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Master List: Which Manuscript is that Image From?

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Most of the images used in our merchandise and logos are adapted* from the illustrations and marginalia of various medieval manuscripts. We believe strongly in citing our sources -- so if anyone is curious about the origin / inspiration of a particular image, you can find it here.


Bearded Face: Paris, BnF, Fr. MS 12584, "Roman de Renart," f. 61r. (And yes, I gave serious consideration to using his much more unsettling companion.)

Critter: Royal 12 E XXV, "Proposiciones; Errores in grammatica, letter to the Archbishop of Corinth; philosophical, scientific and mathematical treatises," f. 23v.



All Reeves are Bastards

EL 6 C 9, "Ellesmere Chaucer", f. 42r.


Bird-Swallowing Subcultures

Additional 42130, "Luttrell Psalter," f. 159v. (I have no idea why someone already drew this, but it made the process much easier on me. This whole manuscript is a gold mine, frankly.)


Deer Will Not Help You

Harley 4379, "Harley Froissart," f. 19v


Emotional Support Chicken

Coppeld: Harley 1585, "Medical miscellany of a pharmacopeial compilation, including a herbal and bestiary illustrating the pharmocopeial properties of animals," f. 77v.

Tyb: MS. Bodl. 264, "Romance of Alexander", f. 62r.

Garland of Round Bones: Additional 42130, "Luttrell Psalter," f. 159v.


Jugglery of Demons

Demon, Musical: Royal 10 E IV, "Smithfield Decretals," f. 201v. (Another gold mine, especially if you like anthropomorphized animals, including violent rabbits.)

Demon, Red-Faced: Burney 345, "Psalter, with a calendar (ff. 2-6v); Psalms (ff. 7-187); canticles and prayers (ff. 187-204v); litany, petitions, and collects (ff. 204v-209)," f. 69v.

Skull: Additional 42131, "Bedford Psalter and Hours," f. 42v.


Juggling Chainsaws to Spite God

Additional 62925, "Rutland Psalter", f. 51v. (I like the art style in this one quite a bit.)


Pocket Babby

Baby: Royal 11 D IX, "Decretum, with the glossa ordinaria," f. 284v.

Merchant: Additional 17280, "Book of Hours, Use of Rome," f. 281v.


Supernaturally Good Boi

Royal 10 E IV, "Smithfield Decretals," f. 57v.


Þæt nis Elpend / This is not an Elephant

Cotton MS Tiberius B V/1, "Computistical, historical and astronomical miscellany with added documents from Ely and Exeter", f. 81r


* We're a bit paranoid about copyright law, even when the authors have been dead for centuries, so our images are never direct copy/paste jobs of the original. At the very least, they're redrawn in Adobe using the original as a reference.

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