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Showing Nonsense to Robots IV

Computer gremlins! Episode titles! Mechanical necromancy! Mac pointlessly wasting time! You know the drill now!


Episode XXXI: "The Worst Yelp Review"

Okay. Two people in medieval garb. Castle in the background. One is telling the other something. And it's framed with text under it that kind of looks like it might be the name of an establishment. Solid but unremarkable. I mostly picked this one because I think that might be a manicule on the right.

Episode XXXII: "Gawain Goes to the LARP"

Interesting. Sketchy picture of a bunch of people riding horses. The central figure has what I think is a giant red shepherd's crook, which they may or may not be using to try and catch that... bird? frog? flying green thing. No idea.

Episode XXXII Honorable Mention

I don't know what just happened here, but it seems unsavory.

Episode XXXIII: "Trick or Treat! Halloween Special"

I didn't expect much from this one, and the gremlins delivered. Every result is just them trying to write "Trick or Treat" (which they manage to do three times out of eight), with maybe some medieval-y cartoon in the background. This one is both aesthetically my favorite and orthographically the least successful -- every other one at least managed to remember that "trick or treat" is only three words.

Episode XXXIV: "Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss"

Almost all of these have some kind of old-fashioned lantern front-and-center (because interpreting "gaslight" literally is probably the best place for the gremlins to get a foothold on this one). This, I think, does the best with the prompt -- I love that the sword turns into what I think is meant to be a gas-powered streetlamp. And she definitely looks like she's ready to girlboss.

Episode XXXV: "Jelly Beef and Medieval Feasts, the Thanksgiving Special!"

Here we have some marginalia that looks like it's about halfway between a landscape and a table spread. Very unclear what the centerpiece is -- maybe it's some sort of gigantic beast that the people in those little towers slew? Further down we have an almost-cow and some containers of probably-liquid, which is probably the gremlins drawing "jelly beef".

Episode XXXVI: "Black Friday Special! A Thousand Thousand Islands with Zedeck Siew"

Honestly, I'm not sure I'm cool with feeding the gremlins the name of an ongoing project with its own gorgeous human-made art and posting the results, so I'll skip this one. I know that DALL·E probably isn't going to be able to actually grab and try to emulate any of Mun Kao's art, but just in case. If you want to see some Thousand Thousand Islands stuff, just go to their website and order their books.

Episode XXXVII: "The Murderhimbo and the Metaphor"

This one from the "art" prompt is probably the stand-out -- there's definitely some kind of murder happening here, either the homicide kind or the crow kind. Love the stretched-out maw of that figure on the left. However, all the results of the "marginalia" prompt were very charming in a low-key kind of way, so here they are in slideshow form for your perusal.

Episode XXXVIII: "Ass, son of Ass"

Ran up against the content policy again. Drat.

Episode XXXIX: "The Sumptuary Laws of Target"

A bit disappointing. This is the best we got, and I don't have much to say about it.

Episode XL: "Resplendent Hot-Boi"

You know what? I think the gremlins nailed it. There's not a lot to say about it, because it's just on target. There's a boy. He's ornately dressed, so we can allow "resplendent". From the body language, it's clear we're supposed to find him hot (or maybe he finds the viewer hot; either way).

Episode XL Honorable Mention

You know, in that outfit, you can't say he's not resplendent.

Episode XL Honorable Mention.

Strange and unsettling. Not clearly related to the prompt. Will haunt your dreams. 10/10, has killed before.


Next time, I guess.

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