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Tournament Polls

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

Here are those polls we talked about, to decide who won the tournament. I'll be posting links to this on our social media and the Discord. I'll include the text of each quest, and the poll options will include a list of people we sent, as a reminder for y'all when you vote. Just click on the party you think was the best choice, had the best approach, or whatever criteria you want to use... y'all know how polls work.

First, a list of who we recruited from each of the 25 texts that are eligible for these quests:




Tournament of Tottenham

Tyb the Dear

Perkyn the Potter

Muirceretach Mac Erca

Dub da Rinn

Bishop Cairnech

Gesta Romanorum Pt. I

Julian's nameless wife

"A certain emperor"

Judgment of Nial Frossach

"The Lady Lesbian"

King Nial Frossach

Great Tang Records Pt. I

King Golden Flower

"The Starfish King"

Mac da Tho's Pig

Ailbe (good boi)


Gesta Romanorum Pt. II

Pompey the Great

Julius Caesar

Tain Bo Cuailnge Pt. I


Cu Chulainn

Seven Sleepers

Theodosius II


Saga of Eirik the Red

Thorbjorg Litilvolva

Thorfinn Karlsefni

Bisclavert & Tiodel

"Sjerlokr Holmsson"


Tain Bo Cuailnge Pt. II

Chulainn's dog

Fergus mac Roich

Gesta Romanorum Pt. III

Valerius Maximus


Tain Bo Cuailnge Pt. III



Second Shepherds' Play



Embassy to Constantinople

Basil II (child)

Michael the Swindler

Wonders of the East


Leopard Woman

Tain Bo Cuailnge Pt. IV



Great Tang Records Pt. II

Reincarnated Panini kid

Gopala the dragon

Perlesvaus I-IX



Carpenter's Tools


Nail Puller

Perlesvaus X-XVIII



Perlesvaus XIX-XXIX


Meliot of Logres

Perlesvaus XXX-XXXV


"Groucha" (Maiden of the Cart)

Lay of Fafnir



All texts after the Lay of Fafnir are in the next tournament.

Next, before we jump into the tournament proper, our potential-tiebreaker vote: who has the better Court overall? (Based on, you know, vibes or whatever criteria you prefer.) [Mac's excessive material on the matter here.]

Court Vibe Check

  • Mac's Court

  • Zoe's Court

Quest #1

A local leech needs some fools gold to mix into a potion to heal the mayor's wife. However, the only known fools gold is a couple mountains over. The road through the mountains is known to hold host to a strange cult of a foreign god who try to distract with fresh bread and aged wine. The fools gold itself is protected by a cranky wizard who will only relinquish it if bested in a riddle competition. (from Altchester)

The Parties:

  • Zoe: Fafnir, Groucha, & Connall

  • Mac: Joseus, Sjerlokr Holmsson, & the Crowbar

Quest #2

The new Grand Duke has informed your impoverished seaside county that he is reviving a nearly forgotten act of homage. A phoenix egg must be delivered to him before the summer solstice.

An outlying cluster of rocky spires and craggy breakwaters, known to local fisherfolk as the Bubbling Rocks, are home to a small colony of the firebirds. At most times the islets are barely visible from shore, but during especially intense periods, the steam from the sulfur (and whatever else boils beneath) paints ill omens at sunset. Will you help your people comply with this ancient obligation or face the wrath of the Grand Duke? (from Ardalencor)

The Parties:

  • Mac: Thorbjorg Litilvolva, Mak, & Ferdiad

  • Zoe: Thorfinn Karlsefni, the Artificer, & Laeg

Quest #3

The King of the Hundred Knights is presently the King of the Ninety Seven Knights due to knights being knights. Your party must pass seven tests modeled upon seven knightly virtues over the seven days of the festivities. The seven virtues prized by the King are: floatiness, randiness, glibness, ingenuity, horsemanship, vengefulness, and luckiness. Oh, this is for a party of three who wish to become knights. Alternatively you can be setting up and running the tests to whittle down the candidates! (from King in Green)

The Parties:

  • Zoe: Perkin the Potter, Tiodel, & King Niall Frossach

  • Mac: Emily of the Pavilion, & Lancelot du Lac, her cavalier

Quest #4

[Wonders of the East] An incredibly lazy suggestion on my part, but, there are a decent number of quest worthy things to choose from. If we’re looking for actual context, perhaps the Courts are each charged with escorting the individual through the various locations and either defend them, or assist with diplomacy. Idk, users choice, but it could be a neat way to incorporate one of the less peopled texts. (from TBWOE-6)

The Parties:

  • Mac: Loch Mor, Dub da Rinn, Panini-kid, & Theodosius II

  • Zoe: Leopard Woman, Gawain, & Malchus

Quest #5

Ill Speaking: The rivalry between the court poets is getting out of hand. Lady Cosette has asked me to mediate before things get worse. (from Ethelred Undead)

The Parties:

  • Zoe: Fergus mac Roich & the Nail Puller

  • Mac: Fedelm, Yglais, & Valerius Maximus

Quest #6

The king is dead. Mauled by his dragon, Black Tongue. I have been tasked by the Royal Council to track and slay the beast. The Prince though has offered me in secret a sizable sum of gold if Black Tongue is captured and delivered to him. (from Ethelred Undead)

The Parties:

  • Mac: King Golden Flower, Sigurth, & Ailbe (the good dog)

  • Zoe: Gopala (dragon), Meliot of Logres, & Michael (swindler)

Thank you to all who contributed quests & questions.

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