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Into the Records: A Catalogue of Names

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Need a real medieval name to use for your character? Here's a collection of names pulled straight from the Middle Ages, some of which are familiar and some of which aren't.

Chinese Names

  • “Gold Flower”

  • Pi-sha-men

  • Yeh-hu

  • Kwan-tsz’-tsai

  • Râhula

  • Kanishka

English Names

  • Alibans of the Waste City

  • Bernad

  • Bertoles the Bald

  • Brandalus of Wales

  • Bruns Brandalis

  • Calobrutus

  • Coll (short for Nicholas)

  • Dawkin

  • Daw (short for David)

  • Galians/Galerian of the White Tower

  • Gib

  • Gill (short for Gilbert)

  • Gorgalians

  • Hud

  • Pelles, King of the Lower Folk

  • Perkin

  • Randolf the Reeve

  • Tompkin

  • Tyb

  • Mak

  • Melaarmaus/Meliarman of Abanie

  • Meralis of the Palace Meadow

French Names

(For even more Perlesvaus names, click here!)

  • Bertholez li Chauz

  • Bisclavert

  • Elinant of Escavalon

Icelandic Names

  • Aud the Deep-Minded

  • Artholfin Skull-cleaver

  • Bjarni Butterbox

  • Bjorn Ironside

  • Garth

  • Haraldur Backbone

  • Ketil Flat-nose

  • Tiodel

  • Thorvald

  • Thorbjorg the Ship-breasted

  • Thorbjorn Oxen-might

  • Thorsteinn Staff-struck

  • Sigrid

  • Sturr the Killer

  • Ulfur the Crow

Irish Names

  • Ailil (pronounced AHL-lil)

  • Ailbe (pronounced AL-vee)

  • Conchubur (pronounced con-cuh-VIR)

  • Conall

  • Medb (pronounced MAEV)

We do our best to accurately research, source, and cite the works we use, and make them available to you, too! Each episode has a corresponding blog post which includes further breakdowns of the big ideas in each text as well as cites our sources and references. We also have the Maniculum Library, which actively collects resources and recommendations for writers, scholars, and geeks alike! We update our collection of Master Lists after each new episode, so be sure subscribe and stay updated!

Are we missing something? Let us know! We'd love to add more knowledge to our ever-growing compendium. Chat with us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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