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Master List of Original Source Material

The following is our list of original source material, divided bay topic. All of our sources are free to access, just click on the links!

Arthurian Texts

  • Perlesvaus here

  • Sir Gawain and the Green Knight here, or the original Middle English here

English Texts

  • The Debate of the Carpenter's Tools here

  • The Exeter Book riddles here

  • The Second Shepherd's Play" here, and more Middle English Mystery Plays: Link.

  • The Wanderer, The Seafarer, and the Wife’s Lament here

Icelandic Sagas

  • The Greenlander's Saga here or here

  • Egil's Saga here

  • The Volsunga Saga here

  • The Saga of Eirik the Red" here,

Irish Texts

  • Brendan the Voyager here or here,

  • Mac Da Tho's Pig here

  • The Tain Bo Cualinge here or here

  • The True Judgement of Neil Frossach here

Miscellaneous Texts

  • Baring Gould's translation of The Seven Sleepers here, or look at the manuscript of Ælfric's Lives of Saints here.

  • Caesaris' Dialogue on Miracles here,

  • John Audelay' Poems & Carols here, The Embassy to Constantinople here,

  • The Gesta Romanorum here,

  • The Great Tang Records on the Western Regions here,

  • The Story of King Constant here,

  • The Wonders of the East manuscript here,

  • William of Newburgh's History here,

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