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At the Kitchen Table Master List

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Here's everything the Maniculum's served At the Kitchen Table throughout the episodes (and some of what's left in the pantry, too!)

  • Rooster's Egg: found in Episode 1, the mythical rooster's egg was served at Tyb's wedding. Its inclusion illustrates the lower-class nature of the feast, since misshapen and less-desirable eggs were thought to be laid by roosters.

  • Sín's Poisoned Pork and Wine: seen in Episode 2, this magical food is suited for a feast, but beware! It's been magically enchanted by the Otherworldly goddess Sín to induce deep sleep, night terrors, and hallucinations.

  • Cursed Whale Meat: this strange source of food was featured in Episode 7 when the Greenland settlers debated whether to pray to Thor for food. He delivered a beached whale, but apparently also delivered food poisoning.

We do our best to accurately research, source, and cite the works we use, and make them available to you, too! Each episode has a corresponding blog post which includes further breakdowns of the big ideas in each text as well as cites our sources and references. We also have the Maniculum Library, which actively collects resources and recommendations for writers, scholars, and geeks alike! We update our collection of Master Lists after each new episode, so be sure subscribe and stay updated!

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