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The Bestiary Master List

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Looking for one of the creatures The Maniculum has discussed? Look no further. Below is a complete list of the podcast's most mythical and magical beasts.

An Icelandic bestiary depicting Eastern dragons.
  1. The Rooster's Egg: (Ep 1: The Tournament of Tottenham) This mythical creature- well, the mythical produce of the creature, anyway- was served at Tyb's wedding feast, as an indicator that there weren't enough eggs to go around. Misshapen eggs were thought to be laid by roosters, not hens.

  2. Coppeld, the Emotional Support Chicken: (Ep 1: Tournament of Tottenham) This Kentish hen served as Tyb's companion while she watched the neighborhood lads beat each other for her hand in marriage. Apparently she was so uncomfortable by their cries that she needed Coppeld to support her. We've all been there, Tyb.

  3. Blind Baird (Ep 1: Tournament of Tottenham) Only very briefly mentioned in the tale, Blind Baird seems to be a magical horse. Why he was present at this hillbilly English tournament is a mystery, but he does make an appearance.

  4. The Putrid Dog: (Ep. 3: Gesta Romanorum, Pt. 1) A ragged, black-mouthed corpse of a dog lying in the street seems rather foul, until one realizes that from it flows the purest and cleanest holy water which can quench all thirst. Drink up, I suppose!

  5. The Talking Deer: (Ep. 3: Gesta Romanorum, Pt. 1) Beware the talking deer, traveler! If you find yourself hunting and come across a deer who speaks to you in ill prophecy, it's probably best to ignore it, so that its foreknowledge doesn't come to pass and you don't kill your parents, as Julian did.

  6. Bisclavert the Werewolf: (Ep. 5: Samhain and Werewolves) This knight doesn't come clad in shining armor- in fact, he doesn't come clad at all! Bisclavert gets stuck in his werewolf form when his wife steals his clothes from him. Not a great look, Bisclavert.

  7. Tiodel the Werebear: (Ep. 5: Samhain and Werewolves) Tiodel gets stuck in his polar bear form, making his way down to Syria before he is able to change out of his shaping. Better be careful where you hide your clothes, Tiodel!

  8. The Naga King: (Ep. 10: The Great Tang Records) This snake-creature was once an apprentice who cursed an old naga king to ruin. A feisty and temperamental creature, he can only be settled by the ringing of a ghanta.

  9. The Dragon-People: (Ep. 10: The Great Tang Records) These people interbred with dragons to become a warlike and very powerful tribe.

  10. Ailbe: (Ep. 11: Mac Da Tho's Pig) This war-dog of Ireland was fought over by both the Ulstermen and Connacht men.

  11. The Seven Sleepers' Dog: (Ep. 18 & 19) The third dog in our bestiary, this good boi has the gift of prophecy in some versions of the Seven Sleepers' hagiography, and is one of the few animals allowed into Mohammad's Paradise.

  12. The Crying Dog: (Ep. 21) We're rescuing this dog from the old crone who fed him mustard bread to make him cry. While the old woman pretended the dog was her cursed daughter, we're pretty sure he's just a good boi.

  13. The Brown Bull of Cooley: (Ep. 26) Coveted by Maeb, this legendary beast was the finest bull in all Ireland, until it went up against the White Bull of Connacht. A metaphor for the Ulstermen and Connachta respectively, the Brown and White Bulls both died in the Tain.

We do our best to accurately research, source, and cite the works we use, and make them available to you, too! Each episode has a corresponding blog post which includes further breakdowns of the big ideas in each text as well as cites our sources and references. We also have the Maniculum Library, which actively collects resources and recommendations for writers, scholars, and geeks alike! We update our collection of Master Lists after each new episode, so be sure subscribe and stay updated!

Are we missing something? Let us know! We'd love to add more knowledge to our ever-growing compendium. Chat with us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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