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The Courts

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Wondering who's who in Mac and Zoe's Fey Courts? Here's the complete list of whom our hosts have kidnapped away into the digital realm.

Mac's Court

  • Tyb: the potential wife in the Tournament of Tottenham, with her emotional support chicken (Ep 1).

  • Dub Da Rinn: the druid who advised against Sín in the Death of Muircertach Mac Erca (Ep 2).

  • Julian's Wife: the loyal, hospitable, if overly trusting woman whom Julian marries in the Gesta Romanorum's 'Of Venial Sin' (Ep. 3).

  • The Lovely Lesbian: the woman who pluckily challenges King Niall to tell her just how exactly she got pregnant when she's been a lesbian throughout her life (Ep. 4).

  • Sherlock Holmes Knight / "Sjerlokr Holmsson:" this amateur detective knight goes on a long tirade to prove that the polar bear of the king's court is actually the knight Tiodel (Ep. 5).

  • Thorbjorg Litilvolva: the völva prophetess that is given a royal welcome in Greenland and foretells Gudrid's two marriages. (Eps. 6, 7, 8)

  • Mak: the plucky thief who attempts to steal a sheep to provide for his household, this ne'er-do-well is clever enough to use magic, but not clever enough to get away with it. (Ep. 9)

  • King Golden Flower: the good king of the horse-dragon people, who can turn invisible on a chariot drawn by dragons. (Ep. 10)

  • Ailbe: also known as a good boi, this war-dog of Ireland was unceremoniously killed by Ailil's charioteer, but was apparently such a good dog all of Ireland would go to war for him. (Ep. 11)

  • Pompey: One of the members of the first triumvirate of Rome, this man features as a character in Tale 19 of the Gesta Romanorum. (Ep 12)

  • Fedelm: This six-pupiled prophetess from the Tain Bo Cualinge certainly stands her ground among the strongest of personalities; she stands up to Medb and has midnight shenanigans with Cu Chulainn himself. (Ep. 13)

  • A Donestra: A half-soothsayer, half human creature from The Wonders of the East, this cannibalistic creature lures its prey away by calling out its target's name. (Ep. 15)

  • Culainn's Dog: A fierce protector and watch dog, the original hound of Culainn was reportedly so strong that it took three chains and three men to hold him in his lead. (Ep 18)

  • Theodosius: Emperor of Constantinople and the Eastern Roman Empire, this beneficent emperor was happy to embrace the Seven Sleepers and end the heresy spoken throughout his empire. (Ep 19 & 20)

  • Valerius Maximus: a Roman compiler who lived during the reign of Tiberius, Valerius was also apparently skilled at interpreting prophecies, according to the Gesta Romanorum. (Ep 21)

  • Loch: the first major opponent that can attempt to challenge Cu Chulainn, Loch was eventually slain but not before dying in honor by falling on his face to the East. (Ep 22)

  • Ferdiad: a fearsome warrior, Maeb enticed him into fighting his foster-brother, Cu Chulainn, over a perceived slight. Though he was a champion, he couldn't stand up to Cu Chulainn. (Ep 25 & 26)

  • Reincarnated Panini: this kid was very bad at his studies, apparently as a punishment because he was the reincarnated Panini, a great linguist, and was being punished for heresy (Ep 27).

  • Basil II: this co-emperor and ten year old seems to have a knack for verbose speeches, as he reprimands Bishop Liuprand about choosing to try and buy purple cloth.(Ep 29 & 30)

  • Lancelot: one of the knights at Arthur's round table who has had an affair with the king's wife, Guinevere, Lancelot struggles to keep track of Percival. (Ep 38)

  • The Crowbar: This tool defends the carpenter in the debate over his master's laziness. He'd rather there be no strife at all. (Ep 44)

Zoe's Court

  • Perkyn: the victor of the Tournament of Tottenham, who also took five horses in the challenge (Ep 1).

  • Bishop Cairnech: the Bishop who cursed the king, but eventually also got him out of hell in the Death of Muircertach Mac Erca (Ep 2.).

  • A Certain Emperor: the well-loved, but unnamed emperor in the Gesta Romanorum's 'Of Inordinate Love' (Ep. 3).

  • Niall Frossach: The king of Ireland in the 8th century, whose propriety and fir flatha were so strong, he was able to release a priest from demons by vapors alone (Ep. 4).

  • Tiodel: the striking werebear in a retelling of Bisclavert, Tiodel gets stuck in his shaping, only to get dragged all the way to Syria before he can change back (Ep. 5).

  • Thorfinn Karlsefni: with an epithet meaning 'the makings of a man,' Thorfinn lives up to his namesake and his heritage by successfully making it back from Vinland alive. (Eps. 6, 7, 8)

  • Gill: the wife of Mak and a hardworking housewife, this ride-or-die woman comes up with the plot to dress up a stolen sheep as a baby to ensure her husband doesn't get caught. (Ep. 9)

  • Starfish King: the brother of the king who cut off his member to maintain his integrity, he magically re-grew this vital piece of biology as a reward for his actions. (Ep. 10)

  • Conall: the only warrior who managed to out-boast Cet, Conall has a habit of carrying heads in his wallet just to show what a good warrior he is. (Ep. 11)

  • Caesar: Yes, Julius Caesar. This historic figure was "prince" of Rome in the Gesta Romanorum, where he encounters a threshold guardian as he crossed the Rubicon. (Ep. 12)

  • Cu Chulainn: The hero of the Tain Bo Cuakinge, Cu Chulainn is known for his ferocity in battle, as well as his good looks, despite his lack of beard. (Ep. 13)

  • A Bearded Woman: A fierce huntress with the help of trained lions and leopards, these bearded women could not be conquered by Alexander the Great. (Ep. 15.)

  • Fergus Mac Roi: The exiled leader of the Ulstermen who helps Queen Maeb and King Ailil, Fergus is a wily leader who continues to help Cu Chulainn. (Ep 18)

  • Malchus: One of the Seven Sleepers, Malchus' innocent and naive nature got him into trouble when he returned to Ephesus after 300 years. His taste in bread also disappointed the rest of the Sleepers. (Ep 19 & 20)

  • Artificer: Despite being killed by Tiberius, this artificer developed a bendable glass that could have revolutionized the Roman economy. (Ep 21)

  • Laeg: Cu Chulainn's trusty charioteer and weapons caddy, Laeg is always around to provide the hero his gae bolga or some encouragement in the field. (Ep 22)

  • Concobar: the king of Ulster, Concobar knows how to have a good work-life balance, since he's fierce in battle and known for his afternoons watching the lads play hurling. (Ep 25 & 26)

  • Gopala: this man was so slighted by his king that he threw himself off a cliff with a prayer to become a dragon - and did! (Ep 27)

  • Michael the Swindler: this ship captain extorted Bishop Liuprand on his journey back from Constantinople and stranded the bishop along the way. (Ep 29 &30)

  • Gawain: one of the knights of Arthur's round table and a known himbo, Gawain struggles to ask the most obvious questions.

  • The Nail-Puller: this tool makes a final speech supporting the carpenter's wife against her husband's drunkenness. A useful friend to have on hand. (Ep. 44)

We do our best to accurately research, source, and cite the works we use, and make them available to you, too! Each episode has a corresponding blog post which includes further breakdowns of the big ideas in each text as well as cites our sources and references. We also have the Maniculum Library, which actively collects resources and recommendations for writers, scholars, and geeks alike! We update our collection of Master Lists after each new episode, so be sure subscribe and stay updated!

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